June 2016


110 pairs of American burying beetles were released at Fernland Nature Preserve.

A male brown bear was released in Catalonia.

Herring have returned to New York’s Hudson River after a dam removal.

In India – pygmy hogs were released in Assam, while himalayan griffon vultureswere released in Haryana.

Rewilding Europe  and WWF Romania are building up a bison breeding centre in Romanian Hunedoara Zoo, while ten more bison were released in Romania’s Tarcu Mountains.

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The Scottish Wildlife Trust have acquired Little Linga, a key breeding site for seals and seabirds.

Welsh pine martens that were reintroduced last year give birth to at least five kits.

Vancouver are rewilding their old city dump.

Germany’s population of wild cats is now estimated to be between 5,000-10,000.

Quolls are rewilding Australia.

The dormouse is returning to English hedgerows after 100 years. BBC Earth showcased the return of Britain’s biggest bird – the great bustard.

There might be a new wolf in California.


Cambodia declared their first ever marine protected area.

Two whale sharks and other wildlife were intercepted on their way to a Chinese theme park and returned to the ocean.

Microplastics are killing fish before they reach reproductive age, study finds. Defra minister George Eustice MP said it was time to “proceed with a ban”.


The New Scientist ran a story explaining how oysters help restore ocean health. The Blue Marine Foundation are planning to do exactly this in the Solent by 2020.

The dark side of China’s foreign fishing boom.

Why does Japan still hunt wales?


A genetic census of the European wildcat has been published.

Thailand’s infamous Tiger Temple has been raided and shut down. Read more here and here.

BBC Earth explained how indigenous peoples can take some of the credit for rising tiger populations.

Plans to return wild lynx to Scotland are coming closer to reality – read more here and here.

A study found that the closer pumas live to humans, the less they hunt deer, and the more they hunt raccoons and house cats.


Scientists find “nomad” bears in Turkey.

How countries deal with bears in Europe.

Brown bears use “human shield” to protect their cubs.

Of bears and biases: scientific judgment and the fate of Yellowstone’s grizzlies.

Human food sources tempt migratory bears to stay put.


Trees for Life reopened an eco friendly bothy that will serve as a rewilding base.

London needs trees.

Mexico City’s “green infrastructure”.

Urban Rewilding

Wildlife Trusts’ Adam Cormack let a patch of lawn rewild for all 30 days of June – see the result here.

Nick Baker showcased Bristol’s urban rewilding on BBC Springwatch.

India plans to construct wildlife bridges for elephants to cross highways.

Rewilding London’s rivers.

Dessau experiments with rewilding.



Police are investigating another suspicious death of a red kite, the tenth in the last few months. Meanwhile yet another hen harrier has “disappeared” on a grouse moore. Follow Raptor Persecution UK for all updates and read RSPB Martin Harper’s comment here.

Parliament concluded its flooding inquiry with a report calling for a proactive approach to flood management. Read more here and here and here.

MPs also sounded an alarm on neglected soils.



Brexit Perspectives

George Monbiot – In or out, everyone seems to agree that the poor should keep subsidising the rich with land subsidies.

Miles King – Some initial thoughts on a post-CAP subsidy system.

Theo Pike – A new hope for the UK’s environment?

WWF – Leaving the European Union brings risks and uncertainties for our wildlife and wild places, but with the right policies the UK could continue to be a global force for the protection of nature.

Also – Fishing industry faces “opportunities and challenges”.

Talking Points

A switch to ecological farming will benefit health and environment

Mammalian carnivore declines can affect public health

Environmental crime is growing 2-3 times faster than global GDP

Light pollution hides the Milky Way from 1/3 of the world’s human population

Rewilding national parks and encountering the “vocal minority”

Nature conservation needs policies that support rewilding

Parks and wilderness, the foundation for conservation

African governments commit to preventing wildlife poisoning

Misunderstood and underappreciated: Australia’s native rodents

With climate change melting Arctic sea ice, polar bears are coming ashore

White stork – an uplifting opportunity

Financing solutions for storm water run-off

Could bringing back camels rewild the American West?

Rise of border fences hampers wildlife movements

Climate change is disrupting seasonal behaviour of Britain’s wildlife

How close can we get to resurrection of an extinct species?

The zoo that wants to rewild elephants in Denmark


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