August 2016


Black bears are returning to Missouri, and grizzly bears are returning to Sweet Grass Hills, Montana.

Austria has its first wolf family in 100 years.

Egyptian vultures were released in Northern Bulgaria.

White-tailed sea eagles successfully fledged in Cork for the first time in 125 years.

Water voles will be reintroduced to England’s highest lake.

Pacific pocket mice are being reintroduced to SoCal’s Coastal Canyons.



Rare Afghan deer not seen in the wild for forty years were spotted by a student.

Elk are returning to Wisconsin.

Ten orangutans were released in Borneo.

More on the black-footed ferret releases.

More on returning the alligator gar in Illinois.

Conservationists are planning to restore India’s Western Ghats.


Obama has created the “largest protected place on the planet” –Papahānaumokuākea.

A leatherback sea turtle nest was discovered in the Florida Keys.

Western pond turtles are to be reintroduced along the southern Marin, California.

In Australia, critically endangered western swamp tortoises have been translocated outside their natural range to save them from climate change.

There are plans to reintroduce the extinct great auk to British shores.

Environmental blogger Alasdair Cameron has started rewilding a field.

Manatees are to make a comeback in Guadeloupe for the first time in over a century.


Rewilding Debate on BBC Radio 4 with George Monbiot, Mike Clarke, John Davies and Richard Cooke.

Rewilding Podcast on CBC Radio with JB MacKinnon, Frans Vera, Mark Fisher, Jori Wolf, Thomas van Slobbe and Karsten Heuer.

Discussing rewilding at Birdfair with Anneka Svenksa, Chris Packham and Helen Meech.

Restoring the ancient Caledonian Forest on TEDx with Alan Watson-Fetherstone.

Defra are hosting a lecture by Paul Jepson on Rewilding and the Uplands, on 22 September.


The elusive Arabian sand cat was seen for the first time in 10 years.

The National Sheep Association has cut all communication with the Lynx UK Trust.

Research gives new insight into Lynx habitat in Colorado.

Can a new park save China’s big cats?



What next for Russia’s reintroduced leopards?

Bringing back America’s cougars.

Are large cats compatible with modern society on the Korean peninsula?

The Samburu women who live alongside lions.


Black bears are returning to Missouri, while Grizzly bears are returning to Sweet Grass Hills, Montana.

80% of Washingtonians support the idea of restoring more grizzlies to the North Cascades.

The Obama administration has introduced a number of regulations on trophy hunting in Alaska’s refuges.

More on the growing campaign to return grizzly bears to California.

Wolves (and other canidae)

In Washington an entire wolf pack is to be killed for preying on livestock, despite the fact that the livestock were grazing on public lands.

The long-studied East Fork wolf pack may have perished due to hunting and trapping.

Austria has its first wolf family in 100 years.



How the American coyote has survived extermination.

Queensland has shut down its “death-row dingo” goat cull programme.

More golden jackals were spotted in Denmark.


China have pledged to cut the size of their massive fishing fleet.

WWF Australia are buying a fishing license to help save Australia’s sharks.

Pressure is growing to ban microbeads.

Bill McKibben: The coral die-off crisis is a climate crime and Exxon fired the gun.

Steven T Jones: Marine biodiversity is essential and it’s up to humans to restore and protect it.

Obama has created the largest protected place on the planet –Papahānaumokuākea.


The Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit focused on ecological restoration.

“Africa’s Great Green Wall didn’t stop desertification, but it evolved into something that might.”

Can tropical dry forests recover after major disturbance?


The New Forest is being destroyed by a growing number of grazing ponies.

The plan to replant millions of trees in central England has slowed down.

How Brazil, Panama and Costa Rica breathed new life into degraded lands.

Talking Points

Overexploitation and agriculture remain the top threats to biodiversity.

Large carnivores, a natural cure for lyme disease.

Lessons from rewilding elephants in Namibia.

Why conservationists need a little hope: saving themselves from becoming the most depressing scientists on the planet.

Ecological recession: researchers say biodiversity loss has hit critical threshold across the globe.

Save the Animals, Save the Planet.


Migration in Motion: visualising species movements due to climate change.

“Climate change will create new ecosystems, so let’s help plants move.”

The political crusades targeting national parks for drilling and exploitation.

Balkan wildlife faces extinction threat from border fence to control migrants.

National Trust calls for complete reform of British farm subsidies.

Man-made wilderness.

Wild life for everyone.

Urban Rewilding

Rewilding urban streams.

Wild turkeys: marvel or menace?

Britain and Scotland

OneKind have launched a plea to end seal shooting in Scotland.

The petition to ban driven grouse shooting has reached over 110,000 signatures. Read more here:



Meanwhile, the National Forest Estate in Strathspey has won an award for its capercaillie conservation. An ecologist involved with the programme explained the role predators have played in this programme:

“We think that the various predators are controlling each other and this allows the capercaillie to thrive…This all challenges the dogma that predator control is crucial for the persistence of grouse populations.”


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