September 2016


Alligator gar reintroduction efforts have begun in Illinois.

Bluebreast darters are returning to the Licking River.

There is talk of bringing the ocelot back to Texas.

In Australia Koalas are returning to the Illawarra coast, while Helmeted Honeyeaters have been reintroduced in Yellingbo.

Wart-biter crickets were reintroduced in Sussex, England.


The Fannyside Muir bog restoration project has been completed.

Snow leopards are back from the brink in Afghanistan.

California’s sea otter population has reached a record high.

Beyond the city, Hong Kong is recreating its lost woodlands.

A grizzly bear was spotted in Upper Big Hole (Montana) for the first time in about a century.


Australia’s Threatened Species Commissioner (Department of the Environment and Energy) Gregory Andrews has come out in full support of rewilding:

“I support rewilding. I like to see more native predators that make it harder for feral animals like feral cats to compete.”


Here’s an overview of bringing the Tasmanian devil back to the mainland.

Should quolls be introduced to the mainland?

Australian journalists and their audiences are interested in Europe’s rewilding movement – ABC ran this story.


A study published in the journal Science found that humans are driving an unprecedented extinction of sealife in a way that will disrupt ocean ecosystems for millions of years.

Government officials from around the world gathered at the United Nations for ongoing negotiations of an international treaty to protect marine biodiversity on the high seas.

Meeting in the Galápagos, the presidents of Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Colombia announced historic protections and marine reserves.


The UK is to ban fishing from a million square kilometres of ocean. The UK Government has also committed to banning microbeads.

A new conservation area has been set up in waters off the west of Scotland to help protect harbour porpoise.

Two no-fishing zones in Turkey’s Gökova Bay are to be extended to include critical sandbar shark habitat.

WWF has called for a suspension of the commercial fishing of Pacific bluefin tuna stock.

We’ve been protecting Earth’s land for 100 years. We’re finally starting to protect its oceans.

UK & Ireland

Beaver reintroduction needs your help.

Rewilding Britain launched their report How Rewilding Reduces Flood Risk.

Following the positive media coverage of this report, Caroline Lucas MP raised the issue in parliament. Rewilding Britain Director Helen Meech also appeared on BBC Breakfast.


The steady comeback of Ireland’s pine marten population is good for farmers(and would also be good for British farmers).

Rewilding Britain have also recently launched a small-scale rewilding survey.

The Countryside Alliance “has used the opportunity of a Parliamentary inquiry to highlight the dangers of ‘rewilding’ being used as an approach to conservation”.

Meanwhile, farming subsidies are under scrutiny. The State of Nature Report 2016 also found that nature loss was linked to farming intensity.

The petition on driven grouse shooting has secured a parliamentary debate.

Some rewilding articles from the UK this month:


Rewilding Europe has withdrawn from the Eastern Carpathians, citing “no enabling environment for a major rewilding initiative in the region”.

In Spain a brown bear was shot near a nature reserve, weeks before a herd of recently reintroduced bison were poisoned and decapitated elsewhere.




The EU Commission has been criticised by conservationists over its handling of fishing limits.

Scientists have demanded a halt to the damming of Europe’s last wild river.

Conservationists help animals – and humans – in Italy’s Central Apennines

Rewilding lessons in Risnjak

Wolves & Bears

Grizzly bears in California: Reintroduction push ignites strong emotions.

Norway plans to kill more than two thirds of its wolf population.

The Leonardo DiCaprio foundation has awarded Defenders a grant to continue saving wolves.

Red Wolf Territory Sharply Reduced Under New Federal Plan.


The Return of the Great American Jaguar.

China considers a huge national park for Amur tigers and leopards.

Snow leopards are back from the brink in Afghanistan.

How Texas is bringing the ocelot back.


Scottish Wildlife Trust ambassador Gordon Buchanan adds his voice to the campaign to return Scotland’s lynxes.

A German perspective on returning the lynx to Britain.

Chaos erupts at Lynx meeting.

Iberian Lynx: Back from the brink.

Urban Rewilding

In Singapore the return of long-absent otters has been underlined as a sign of the city’s greening.

How Did Seoul’s Cheonggyecheon River Restoration Get Its Start?

RSPB helps develop brick that gives swifts a home.

The Making of a National Park City.


Talking Points

A new study has found little evidence that lethal predator control does anything to help ranchers. Read the journal article here.

Americans love animals more than they used to – even scary ones.

Catastrophic Declines in Wilderness Areas Undermine Global Environment Targets.

Humans have destroyed a tenth of Earth’s wilderness in 25 years.

Paradise lost: we’ve destroyed most of the world’s wilderness.


National Parks Are Economic Engines Across America: Graphic Shows How.

From concrete to coral: breeze blocks make a splash regenerating reefs.

A role for novel ecosystems in the Anthropocene?

The Role of Rewilding in Landscape Design for Conservation.


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